What Does Updoot Even Mean?

Many may ask why I named Updoots, well Updoots.

The name Updoots comes from an Upvote, which is used commonly on social media websites and platforms. An upvote is often called an updoot on these websites. The name Updoots basically is a collection of upvotes or updoots in one place. Hence why I call it updoots. This is a website for saving all your favorite internet sites. The idea is if you like the website, you essentially upvote it. Meaning you updooted it, and it is saved in your updoots profile.

Updoots Conception

The idea of Updoots came a few years ago while I was still in college. I was an avid user of Imgur, and I would upvote, heart, and comment on all sorts of posts on the website. The issue was whenever I wanted to see an upvote, or heart it was very difficult to go back and actually find it. That's when the idea of updoots fist came about. I wanted a place where I could easily save website Urls in an organized fashion and be able to find them conveniently later.

Best Way to Updoot

One of the easiest ways to updoot is to use the Chrome Extension I built for updoots. It makes saving or bookmarking websites much easier, as you can save a website with just a few clicks. I have also added a more advanced saving feature which allows you to add the website to a specific folder on your updoots account. If you don’t wish for others see that favorite there is also the ability to mark that website as private. Meaning that only you can see that link.